Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I have arrived in Spain!

My P-day is going to be on Thursdays but not this Thursday because it´s our first week. All my flights went smoothly they were just really long and I´m super exhausted. They said that today is going to be pretty chill because it´s our first day and they really just want us to stay awake so we can start to get over our jet lag. I´ve taken a couple of pictures already but I'll send them next week because I don´t have too much time. I was sitting next to a lady on the plane that I thought was speaking German but it turns out it was Spanish and ughhh I hope not all Spain people talk like that. I also found that airplane food isn´t as bad as everyone says it is. For breakfast we even had a tiny bottle of Nutella. I´m in the district of Nefi with about 6 other people I think some bound for Malaga and others Madrid.
Tell everyone I love them.

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