Thursday, November 27, 2014

Are you from Florida?

Happy Turkey Day!

Man this week has flown by! So, in honor of today I will list a couple of things that I´m thankful for. Numero uno I´m thankful for this amazing gospel. It has blessed me like crazy and I would´t be even close to the person I am today. Numero dos my amazing family and numero tress shout out to my amazing friends! Before this story disclaimer to my mom, don´t worry it turns out ok! So once upon a time I got to go to the Prado! The Prado is an amazing art gallery that holds amazing art from people such as Goya, Vasquez, Rueben, Rembrandt and Carvaggio. It was huge and I probably could have stayed there for a couple of days they were all so breathetaking. I might have been a tiny bit disappointed becauseI could see one of my favorrite pieces because of renovations so i´ll definetly have to go back one day! So, after this we went down a couple of streets looking at shops when I realized I didn´t have my wallet naturally I began to freak out a little bit (a lot bit) I didn´t know what to do because it held a lot of important things. After a few minutes a man taps me on the shoulder and asks me if I´m from Florida. Turns out he was a police officer that had been looking for me up and down the streets for about an hour because someone had found my wallet and given it to him! What a miracle that out of all the people around us in Madrid he managed to find me! So if your my mother breathe in breathe out it´s ok! In other intresting news we got to have American pizza on tuesday because the Ukranines left which is a huge treat here! On wednesday our district had a 20 minute long battle with a bee and to really show how crazy our district is this week Elder Blasi bought a sword and before bed Elder Rodriguez spends his time lassoing people as they pass by because he brought a lasso from home and one day all the guys jumped out of the class rroom and scared us to death so mayve the real moral of this story is that the guys in our district are crrazy! Awesome side note there are christmas decorations everywhere that make me super happy! Hope everyone has an amazing week!
Love Hermana Evelo


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Real Madrid Stadium

Hey Everyone!

So in case you didn´t already know soccer is a huge thing here! I´m pretty sure that kids are taught to play before they can even walk so last week we got to go to the Real Madrid Stadium which was actually super awesome and made me want to actually follow soccer when I come home! One of the Elders looks like one of the Real Madrid players so he went in a Real Madrid jersery and actually convinced 4 or 5 tourists to the point that they wanted to take pictures with him. So this week me and my companion set a goal to only talk in spanish and it worked out great for about one day but hey that´s something! So one of the many beautiful things about spain is the chocolate it is actually wonderful and I don´t think American chocolate will ever be the same. So nothing to crazy happened this week other the usual studying and what not but this week I´ve really felt like im progressing! I´ve probably said this before but I love everyone here! They are amazing and I feel like I´m basically on top of the world everyday no matter what because I´m in Spain! Sorry these are always a bit short but they should get better once i´m out of the Mtc which is in a couple of weeks!!!! I love all of you so much!
Hermana Evelo
Gaby and her Comp contacting in the park


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Yum that was good!

Dear Family and friends,
 Hola!!! It´s crazy how fast this week went by! So I thought this week was going to be the challenge week just because you start to realize that you´re actually going to be living in Spain for 18 months but it was actually pretty great! I´ve was so worried about being homesick but I´m kicking homesickness´s butt! I miss everyone so much but I love it here! So in case you were curious I tried Fuet! For those of you that don´t know fuet is raw pig intestines and it was... gross everyone said it tasted like salomi but that is a lie! This Saturday we went to the park again and man people were exactly like the weather...cold! Holy rejection but I will say it is surprising helpful to get the attitude of not letting people get you down! So speaking of chilly Spain is not as sunny as I thought it would be and a bit more dry than florida but really anywhere is more dry than Florida! Anywho cold=colds and it seems like evryone is getting sick but shout out to mom for giving me a steller immune system! Hopefully it will pass quickly because I don´t like to see my poor companion sick! So I dont remember if I mentioned that here we also have French and Russian learners but they left tuesday to go to their missions and now we have a new batch of Russians and Ukraninians that don´t speak english very well so im trying to learn a couple of Russian phrases but I think there is a reason that Im going spaninsh speaking and not Russian! This week some of us went to play soccer at the pit( a soccer field surrounded by concrete benches) but since it was a holiday there are a bunch of spaninards playing and so we played against them and it was probably the most intense game i´ve ever played! It doesn´t sound as cool in writing but I played soccer with soccer with Spaniards in Spain how cool is that! This was our last week with our¨investigators¨¨ and we committed one of them to baptism and holy cow it was such an awesome experience! It is so difficult but so worth it to be here and I can already feel my spanish improving like crazy!
I love and miss all of you! Until next week!
Hermana Evelo

Gaby and her MTC companion.

Gaby and her MTC district.

Friday, November 7, 2014

First Real Post from Madrid MTC

Hola famila y amigos,

This past week and a half has been amazing and I still can´t believe that I´m here! We arrived
Tuesday afternoon and went straight into meetings. The Jet lag wasn´t too bad after a couple of nights but the first night was killer! In my first meeting with my MTC president I was told that me and my companion were going to be Sister Training Leaders which is basically the same as Zone leaders but for the girls. I was so excited about my name tag because lets be serious you don´t feel quite like a real missionary until you have it. My companion is the best she is from Utah and I feel like we´ve known each other forever! She is the best!

The food here is pretty good. Basically the Spanish version of cafeteria food. I´ve become super addicted to fruit. My district eats about 30 clementine's a day! There are 45 missionaries here. A mixture of people learning French, Russian and Spanish. We have about 9 hours of class which is exhausting but I know that I definitely need it! So here we have "investigators" which are our teachers acting as people that taught on their missions to give us a realistic idea of teaching.
Our investigators are Umesh and Carmen and let me say that I´m so grateful that I´m not teaching real people right now! On Saturdays we go to this huge park that goes on for miles and miles with lakes, fountains, statues, manicured hedges and policemen that patrol on horses. On almost every corner there are musicians that play everything from the harp to the trumpet. We go there to find
people to talk to and it was terrifying but it was amazing to see how kind the people here are and to see how words just come to you as you speak with them! I miss everyone so much but I know this is where I´m supposed to be!

 Love Hermana Evelo