Saturday, November 15, 2014

Yum that was good!

Dear Family and friends,
 Hola!!! It´s crazy how fast this week went by! So I thought this week was going to be the challenge week just because you start to realize that you´re actually going to be living in Spain for 18 months but it was actually pretty great! I´ve was so worried about being homesick but I´m kicking homesickness´s butt! I miss everyone so much but I love it here! So in case you were curious I tried Fuet! For those of you that don´t know fuet is raw pig intestines and it was... gross everyone said it tasted like salomi but that is a lie! This Saturday we went to the park again and man people were exactly like the weather...cold! Holy rejection but I will say it is surprising helpful to get the attitude of not letting people get you down! So speaking of chilly Spain is not as sunny as I thought it would be and a bit more dry than florida but really anywhere is more dry than Florida! Anywho cold=colds and it seems like evryone is getting sick but shout out to mom for giving me a steller immune system! Hopefully it will pass quickly because I don´t like to see my poor companion sick! So I dont remember if I mentioned that here we also have French and Russian learners but they left tuesday to go to their missions and now we have a new batch of Russians and Ukraninians that don´t speak english very well so im trying to learn a couple of Russian phrases but I think there is a reason that Im going spaninsh speaking and not Russian! This week some of us went to play soccer at the pit( a soccer field surrounded by concrete benches) but since it was a holiday there are a bunch of spaninards playing and so we played against them and it was probably the most intense game i´ve ever played! It doesn´t sound as cool in writing but I played soccer with soccer with Spaniards in Spain how cool is that! This was our last week with our¨investigators¨¨ and we committed one of them to baptism and holy cow it was such an awesome experience! It is so difficult but so worth it to be here and I can already feel my spanish improving like crazy!
I love and miss all of you! Until next week!
Hermana Evelo

Gaby and her MTC companion.

Gaby and her MTC district.

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