Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Preparation Day

Gaby's Preparation Day, or her day to write emails, is on Thursdays. They will skip this Thursday. So the next time we will get an email and post it here to her blog is on the following Thursday.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Email Address

Here is Gaby's email address:

I have arrived in Spain!

My P-day is going to be on Thursdays but not this Thursday because it´s our first week. All my flights went smoothly they were just really long and I´m super exhausted. They said that today is going to be pretty chill because it´s our first day and they really just want us to stay awake so we can start to get over our jet lag. I´ve taken a couple of pictures already but I'll send them next week because I don´t have too much time. I was sitting next to a lady on the plane that I thought was speaking German but it turns out it was Spanish and ughhh I hope not all Spain people talk like that. I also found that airplane food isn´t as bad as everyone says it is. For breakfast we even had a tiny bottle of Nutella. I´m in the district of Nefi with about 6 other people I think some bound for Malaga and others Madrid.
Tell everyone I love them.

On her way to Spain!

Gaby left yesterday at 5:57pm headed to Atlanta, then to Amsterdam, and finally to the MTC in Madrid. She called this morning from Amsterdam saying she was okay and she was with other Missionaries headed to the Madrid MTC. She should arrive in Madrid around 10:10am our time. She will be 6 hours ahead of us.

GrandPa, Carlos, Mom, Gaby, Dad, GrandMa