Monday, December 28, 2015

Conference, Christmas, Colds

This week started out normal with emailing and what not on Monday and then on Tuesday is when we Hermana Anderson and I had to practice on our instruments because we were going to be part of a flash mob on Wednesday along with our normal being out and about talking to the people of Spain. For lunch we had an eating cita with some members and it so happened that their niece was there visiting them for vacation and we shared the Christmas  video. At the end she told us that she didn't have very much religious background and asked us if Mary was the mother of Jesus. We explained to her a bit more about Christ and she said that even though she won't be here for very long that she would like to learn more. On Sunday her aunt told us that she gave her a Book of Mormon and asked us to come over again to talk to her again. I love being able to teach people that have the simple desire to learn. That night we went to noche de hogar at church and then straight to the train station to pick up the Hermana's from Albacete so they could come to the zone conference with us. We made it home with 10 minutes to spare and so we went out and contacted some people that did not have very much Christmas spirit but I usually don't understand swearing which makes it a bit easier to just smile at them and tell them to have a good night. That next morning we went to the train station and jumped on a train to Murcia. The conference started out with a talent show and there was no shortage of talent from singing to yo-yoing to my companions amazing violining. Then we all ran through once how we were going to do the flash mob in a plaza in Murcia. We got there and Hermana Anderson started by herself on the violin, then an Elder and I came in on violin and flute and then other missionaries added voice little by little. It was a great experience to see the people as they little by little stopped to listen to  even though they had places to go and were probably busy. When will I ever have the opportunity to testify of the Savior through music in a plaza in Spain? Then we went back heard from our mission president and ate some delicious paella. Then next day we woke up and worked some more and then had a great adventures that involved getting lost and walking a couple miles to get home. Then Christmas! Christmas was jam packed of food.. We started out with having breakfast with the missionaries in Alicante and a gift exchange and then heading to have lunch with a member who lives out in the country. They didn't have enough space to take us in their car so they drove us out in their camper. After making it back to Alicante I got to Skype with my family which was great and then Hermana Anderson and I headed to bed. I woke up that morning feeling terrible and spent the day in a mountain of blankets. Thank goodness I have a great companion who is willing to take care of me. I love being able to be here in the mission for Christmas and share such an amazing gift with everyone. Thank you for all that ya'll do!
Have a great week!
Hermana Evelo
Skyping with Elder Evelo who is in Chile

Christmas Lunch in the country with members 

White Elephant

Christmas Eve

Trio from flash mob featuring Elder Fife in the back

Monday, December 7, 2015

So to Recap...

 Hey! Welcome to the last week of the awkward 4 week transfer. So to recap on the changes going on here. Hermana Anderson went to Fuengirola two weeks ago and it's been Hermana Jones and I but now that it's the end of the transfer, its time for her to go back to America! It's going to be hard with out her but the good news is that Hermana Anderson comes back here to Alicante with me this week! So last Wednesday we had a zone conference in Murcia which is about an 1.5 train ride. It was great and we got to hear from Elder Leimer who is over missionary work in Europe and then eat some delicious paella. We then ran to the train station, missed our train, and finally made it home and worked a couple of hours and then woke up early the next morning for consejo. So we ran to the train station to Murcia again to meet the zone leaders who drove us to Malaga. 5 hours later we arrived in Malaga late to the meeting but I still got to see everyone in Malaga that I know! I just love the people I've been able to meet out here in the mission; they are incredible! So after a short meeting we went to spend the night with the Fuengirola Hermanas which was a party because Hermana Anderson was there and Hermana Carmen who I love! Then next morning we couldn't leave until a bit later because the elders had to take the car in to have the tires changed which was fine with us because we didn't want to have a problem with the tires in the middle of no where. So somewhere between all the traveling and craziness we managed to go teach and find some awesome new people. Something that I learned this week is that life is so much less stressful if we follow what Heavenly Father has planned instead of trying to make things harder and take everything upon ourselves. I know that any good that I've been able to do out here is because God has allowed me to be a part of this work and not because of any of my own efforts. I love being here and I'm so excited for this season to share the message that a savior is born!

A Savior Is Born--Christmas Video (2:00) A Savior is born. Each Christmas season we celebrate the birth of our Savior--the Son of God, who can save us from sin and sadness. Remember Him, love Him, and follow Him. Visit

Have an amazing week!
Hermana Evelo