Monday, November 30, 2015

Four Words

If I had to sum up this week in 4 words I would say potatoes, birthdays and awesome lessons. The week started out with an great noche de hogar at a members house. I always love sharing a message with the members because you get to hear their conversion stories and testimonies. We had an amazing lesson with our friend Edward who is atheist but who told us that he wants to believe in God. Wednesday we were asked to give a taller(workshop) to the district leaders which was terrifying but with Hermana Jones there is no need to fear because it turned out pretty good. On Thursday Hermana Jones and I made mashed potatoes for all the missionaries in Alicante for Thanksgiving. We thought that an entire bag of potatoes would be sufficient but they disappeared within seconds. It was a pretty great Thanksgiving filled with bastante food! This week was filled with birthdays... We celebrated 4 birthdays this week so everyone had plenty of practice by the time mine came around Saturday. Hermana jones tried really hard to keep it a surprise complete with a fake cita and everything. Though my birthday was great I think my favorite part of this week was meeting with our investigator Liam. He was someone in our phone that we called by accident and told us that he wanted to meet . We went by with a member and had an amazing lesson. We also invited him to church and said that he would come. That next morning we woke up and saw that we had a missed call from him. We called hoping that he wasn't going to cancel and lo and behold he didn't! He just wanted to make sure he had the right directions. Even though the lessons that day at church were a bit confusing everyone was so kind to him and went up and introduced themselves to him. I love how we have such welcoming people in our ward. Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes! I hope that all of you had a great Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for this Gospel! This week while studying I noticed that when most people here think of the word faith they think of it as something that is unsure and unsteady but when we hear the word faithful we think of someone who is constant, steady and unwavering. What a difference this -ful makes in the mind of people. May we all be more full of faith everyday. I hope that people can see the consistency and happiness that the Gospel as brought to me and how important it is to have faith in our Savior. I love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Evelo


Aren't Very Secretive

Wow, already we are nearing the end of November! Time passes by so quickly! This week started out with us having a surprise birthday party for Hermana Anderson of p day. We tried to keep it a secret but it didn't work out very well because Hermana Jones and I aren't very secretive but all in all it worked out. On Tuesday we had district meeting like normal and then had intercambios with the other Hermanas in Alicante. So on Thursday we where on our way to an eating cita when we got a call from president asking Hermana Anderson if she could go down to Fuengirola for a couple of weeks for an emergency transfer but that she would come back at the end of the transfer. So right now it's just Hermana Jones and I. We went Friday morning to drop Hermana Anderson off at the bus station and then I got on the train to go do intercambios with Elche. It was great because I got to go with Hermana Jenkins and spend the day in my old area. I love going on intercambios because I get the chance to learn how others missionaries work and I learn so much from them. I am so blessed to be around so many amazing people. Have an amazing week!

Hermana Evelo 


Monday, November 16, 2015

Still on the Train!

So on Wednesday I jumped on a train and thirty minutes later ended up in Alicante with all my luggage. I of course tried to haul everything off when I heard the signal that the doors were about to close. I started to panic because my other suitcase was still on the train. The elders where ran towards me and quickly jumped on the train and grabbed my suitcase menos mal! I then met with Hermana Jones and Anderson! We went and dropped my stuff off and then headed off to consejo. The next day we had intercambios with the Elche Hermanas and so I got to be with the wonderful Hermana Brown. Then Saturday we went to a stake relief society activity where Hermana Anderson and I played the music.(she is an amazing violin player) . After wards we ate some delicious paella with the ward and then headed off to work. We had an amazing experience this week when we went to teach a investigator we went in and invited his roommates to join us. One of them only spoke French, the other Chinese and our investigator English and Spanish. So what did we do well Hermana jones begins to teach the Chinese lady using a combination of pictures and Google translate and Hermana Anderson a I took on the other two. I was surprised how much of my French I remembered and we where able to answer his questions by the end we all managed to explain to each of them the Book of Mormon the all said the would pray about it. Is was challenging but so amazing! These parts couple of days have been crazy and jam packed but I can't overemphasize how amazing Hermana Jones and Anderson are! They are such great missionaries and have already learned so much from them!  I know I always say that I love the mission but I really do and  I love the change that the gospel brings.

Love Hermana Evelo

On the streets of Spain

Saying Goodbye to Hermana Jenkins

Our District

Monday, November 9, 2015

She is a SHE

This week Hermana Jenkins and I worked hard and finally reached our goal of bringing more members with us to lessons which made for some powerful and amazing lessons. We had a lesson with our investigators Cote and Maria and taught them the Restoration. We finished the lesson and told them that they could pray to know that these things are true and cote straight up told us that he knows these things are true and that he doesn't even have to pray about it. They are both amazing and have so much faith! We also had a great lesson with Katy who has seemed to hit a road block and hasn't been progressing very much and so we decided to bring a member who had a lot of her same doubts before she was baptized. It was amazing to see the change that Katy had in that lesson as they talked about her doubts and the member bore her testimony about the church. Having so many members come with us has really shown me how important it really is to have them present and so the investigators can see that there are people in the church just like them that have had the same doubts and struggles and its not just some crazy 20 year olds telling her to do stuff. So of course Hermana Jenkins and I felt that we had really hit a groove and so I should have seen this coming... I received a call again from the President. I was taken completely by surprise because we were only half way into Hermana Jenkins training and I expected to have more time to get to know Elche. I had really grown to love Elche so much but I was called to move about 30 minutes away to the city of Alicante and be a Sister Training Leader also known as a SHE (Super Hermana Entrenadora). You may ask what in the world are you talking about? Well, it basically means that... I actually have no clue really to be honest. I'll let you'll know when I know... I just know that I feel a bit under qualified. I'm going to be with the lovely Hermana Jones and Anderson. Who were my SHE's. That's right, I'm going to be in a trio because Hermana Jones goes home in 4 weeks. A trio of SHE's so a Shrio? I know that these changes are for a reason and that the Lord qualifies who he calls. I'm excited to  go and work with Hermana Jones and Anderson! I know that this will be an amazing opportunity to learn from the best of the best. I love being here on the mission and each day that goes by I realize how much I love the people of Spain and being a missionary. This gospel can and does change lives. Live it and love it people!

Have a great week!
Hermana Evelo

Zone Meeting

Walking to Church through the palm tree forest

Monday, November 2, 2015


My One Year P-Nut Butter sandwich

Me and my Comp

What do you mean no Trick or Treating!