Monday, November 16, 2015

Still on the Train!

So on Wednesday I jumped on a train and thirty minutes later ended up in Alicante with all my luggage. I of course tried to haul everything off when I heard the signal that the doors were about to close. I started to panic because my other suitcase was still on the train. The elders where ran towards me and quickly jumped on the train and grabbed my suitcase menos mal! I then met with Hermana Jones and Anderson! We went and dropped my stuff off and then headed off to consejo. The next day we had intercambios with the Elche Hermanas and so I got to be with the wonderful Hermana Brown. Then Saturday we went to a stake relief society activity where Hermana Anderson and I played the music.(she is an amazing violin player) . After wards we ate some delicious paella with the ward and then headed off to work. We had an amazing experience this week when we went to teach a investigator we went in and invited his roommates to join us. One of them only spoke French, the other Chinese and our investigator English and Spanish. So what did we do well Hermana jones begins to teach the Chinese lady using a combination of pictures and Google translate and Hermana Anderson a I took on the other two. I was surprised how much of my French I remembered and we where able to answer his questions by the end we all managed to explain to each of them the Book of Mormon the all said the would pray about it. Is was challenging but so amazing! These parts couple of days have been crazy and jam packed but I can't overemphasize how amazing Hermana Jones and Anderson are! They are such great missionaries and have already learned so much from them!  I know I always say that I love the mission but I really do and  I love the change that the gospel brings.

Love Hermana Evelo

On the streets of Spain

Saying Goodbye to Hermana Jenkins

Our District

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