Monday, January 25, 2016

Puking Our Guts Out

This last week started out with Hermana Anderson and I puking our guts out.We spent all Monday trying to help one another out but just both ended up on the couch with a pile of blankets and cups of
ginger tea. We made it out alive Tuesday morning and headed to district meeting and then to the train station and Hermana Anderson went to Elche and I waited for Hermana Viglione to come and then we had enough time to drop her stuff off and head to the church for correlation. We were there for a while and by that I mean a while! I decided that we did that have enough time to jump on the bus and make it back for noche de hogar so we went and contacted for a couple of hours and then headed back home after noche de hogar. I loved being able to be with Hermana Viglione again! She is just so sweet and I always feel that I learn from her. I just really wish that her health problems would go away! So the next morning we had lunch with a member from Bulgarian and I'll let you know that Bulgarian food is great! Then we headed down to Elche for the mission conference. We waited for
someone to show up with the keys to set up the TV and gave up and set it up on the iPad until the bishop came right before it stared. It was great and I really learned to focus on the fundamentals. Then on Saturday we had interviews with president. I always love having interviews because it really helps to get rid of all of my worries. This next week is going to be crazy but I'm excited! Thank you for all that ya'll do!

Hermana Evelo

Monday, January 18, 2016

We Heard Someone Calling to Us

This week I wanted to share a couple of miracles that happened
with my companion and I this week. We were walking on our way to a
cita with our investigator and were a little disappointed because we
had been trying to bring a member with us to the lesson because we
knew we couldn't go in if there wasn't a women present (a rule that we
have as missionaries). We had about 15 minutes before the cita so we
decided to stop at an old investigators piso. We were looking for her
piso number when we heard someone calling to us. We looked up and a
member from our ward was walking towards us. She told us that she just
so happened to get off work an hour earlier and would love to come
with us if we had anything set in the next hour. We were speechless!
She ran home quickly to grab a sweater and we were able to have a
great lesson with our friend William and she was able to answer many
of his questions. A couple hours later we were walking down the street
when we ran into a lady that we had met before and started to talk to
her when Hermana Anderson and I glanced up and made eye contact with a
lady that passed by she smiled at us and continued on her way and was
about to turn the corner when she turned around and asked if we were
Mormons we told her yes and she began to tell us how she had been
baptized about a year ago and had stopped coming to church because of
problems that were happening in her home. She told us how she felt
that she needed to talk to us and wanted to start coming back to
church. These experiences were just such a testament to me that the
Lord really does place people in our paths. Some other highlights of
the week was a wonderful lesson with some new friends that told us
that they would ask God if these things are true. I feel that some of
the best lessons that I've had out here our the ones where I have
learned something myself while teaching. Our friend William was also
able to come to church this week and was instantly attacked with love
by the JAS(young adults). We were also able to have intercambios with
Elche(my old area) I just loved being able to see some of my old
investigators and their progress and of course to be with the lovely
Hermana Olsen. At consejo they talked about changing the way we do
intercambios and would like us to have the Hermanas come with us to
our area instead of one of us going to their area. The selfish part of
me was a little bit sad because I love being able go see other others
but I think it'll be a good change . Last Week I didn't really have the
chance to talk about consejo. Consejo is a meeting that is held at the
beginning of every month. We drove down to Malaga with the Murcia Zone
leaders and arrived 6 hours later and only stopped in Granada for a
bit to eat. I love road tripping! The meeting was all night and we
took a break to sleep and then continued the next morning. I love
being able to discuss with other missionaries ways we can help each
other and other missionaries.  These last couple of weeks have been
pretty hard with the passing of my grandpa but I have so blessed to
have the love and support of my companion and leaders out here in the
mission. I know that even though my grandpa has passed on I will have
the chance to see him again. I am so grateful that the pain and
hardships that we face are not permanent and we have a savior that
gives us this hope. I hope that all of you are doing well. I love you

Hermana Evelo

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Asking a Man on the Street

So this week really started out Sunday night when we took the train to Murcia to stay with
the Hermanas. We got there and spent a good thirty minutes trying to find their piso and ended up asking a man on the street who happened to be their neighbor. So we got there and they were waiting for us with dinner. They are both just so sweet. So we woke up the next morning and jumped in the car with the elders from Murcia and road tripped to Malaga and ended up there 5 hours later. We had consejo that night and the next morning. It was so great to have the opportunity to help set goals for the upcoming year.  We headed back to Murcia with packages for people in our zone and had a nice man help us and found out we were on the wrong train but managed to jump off right as he doors

Love you guys.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Paella Making Pro

Hey! So this week passed too quickly! On Sunday our Ward Mission
Leader invited us over to learn how to make paella. So look out world
I'm going to be a paella making pro soon. Tuesday we had district
meeting like normal and then we had intercambios with the Hermanas of
Albacete. So I got to stay in  Alicante so we decided to start
something with members where instead of just taking them to go to citas
with us , we would take them specifically to contact people. And
man did we see miracles!  I love seeing the excitement that members
have and new missionaries. Wednesday was New Years and so we where out
and about for a while but not a ton of success because people were
celebrating the new year. So we went in and made a lot of goals for
the new year. It was really strange for me to realize that a year ago
I was in the mission. It really gave me time to reflect on everything
that has happened this past year. I am so grateful that I've had this
year to be a missionary. I have been able to have so many experiences
that I could not have had if I had not made the choice to come out
here. I feel that I have learned so much but something that I've
really found is that I have so much more to learn. Sorry if this is a
bit short but I love all of you! Thank you for everything that you
guys have done!

Hermana Evelo