Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Paella Making Pro

Hey! So this week passed too quickly! On Sunday our Ward Mission
Leader invited us over to learn how to make paella. So look out world
I'm going to be a paella making pro soon. Tuesday we had district
meeting like normal and then we had intercambios with the Hermanas of
Albacete. So I got to stay in  Alicante so we decided to start
something with members where instead of just taking them to go to citas
with us , we would take them specifically to contact people. And
man did we see miracles!  I love seeing the excitement that members
have and new missionaries. Wednesday was New Years and so we where out
and about for a while but not a ton of success because people were
celebrating the new year. So we went in and made a lot of goals for
the new year. It was really strange for me to realize that a year ago
I was in the mission. It really gave me time to reflect on everything
that has happened this past year. I am so grateful that I've had this
year to be a missionary. I have been able to have so many experiences
that I could not have had if I had not made the choice to come out
here. I feel that I have learned so much but something that I've
really found is that I have so much more to learn. Sorry if this is a
bit short but I love all of you! Thank you for everything that you
guys have done!

Hermana Evelo

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