Monday, January 25, 2016

Puking Our Guts Out

This last week started out with Hermana Anderson and I puking our guts out.We spent all Monday trying to help one another out but just both ended up on the couch with a pile of blankets and cups of
ginger tea. We made it out alive Tuesday morning and headed to district meeting and then to the train station and Hermana Anderson went to Elche and I waited for Hermana Viglione to come and then we had enough time to drop her stuff off and head to the church for correlation. We were there for a while and by that I mean a while! I decided that we did that have enough time to jump on the bus and make it back for noche de hogar so we went and contacted for a couple of hours and then headed back home after noche de hogar. I loved being able to be with Hermana Viglione again! She is just so sweet and I always feel that I learn from her. I just really wish that her health problems would go away! So the next morning we had lunch with a member from Bulgarian and I'll let you know that Bulgarian food is great! Then we headed down to Elche for the mission conference. We waited for
someone to show up with the keys to set up the TV and gave up and set it up on the iPad until the bishop came right before it stared. It was great and I really learned to focus on the fundamentals. Then on Saturday we had interviews with president. I always love having interviews because it really helps to get rid of all of my worries. This next week is going to be crazy but I'm excited! Thank you for all that ya'll do!

Hermana Evelo

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