Monday, December 7, 2015

So to Recap...

 Hey! Welcome to the last week of the awkward 4 week transfer. So to recap on the changes going on here. Hermana Anderson went to Fuengirola two weeks ago and it's been Hermana Jones and I but now that it's the end of the transfer, its time for her to go back to America! It's going to be hard with out her but the good news is that Hermana Anderson comes back here to Alicante with me this week! So last Wednesday we had a zone conference in Murcia which is about an 1.5 train ride. It was great and we got to hear from Elder Leimer who is over missionary work in Europe and then eat some delicious paella. We then ran to the train station, missed our train, and finally made it home and worked a couple of hours and then woke up early the next morning for consejo. So we ran to the train station to Murcia again to meet the zone leaders who drove us to Malaga. 5 hours later we arrived in Malaga late to the meeting but I still got to see everyone in Malaga that I know! I just love the people I've been able to meet out here in the mission; they are incredible! So after a short meeting we went to spend the night with the Fuengirola Hermanas which was a party because Hermana Anderson was there and Hermana Carmen who I love! Then next morning we couldn't leave until a bit later because the elders had to take the car in to have the tires changed which was fine with us because we didn't want to have a problem with the tires in the middle of no where. So somewhere between all the traveling and craziness we managed to go teach and find some awesome new people. Something that I learned this week is that life is so much less stressful if we follow what Heavenly Father has planned instead of trying to make things harder and take everything upon ourselves. I know that any good that I've been able to do out here is because God has allowed me to be a part of this work and not because of any of my own efforts. I love being here and I'm so excited for this season to share the message that a savior is born!

A Savior Is Born--Christmas Video (2:00) A Savior is born. Each Christmas season we celebrate the birth of our Savior--the Son of God, who can save us from sin and sadness. Remember Him, love Him, and follow Him. Visit

Have an amazing week!
Hermana Evelo

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