Thursday, November 20, 2014

Real Madrid Stadium

Hey Everyone!

So in case you didn´t already know soccer is a huge thing here! I´m pretty sure that kids are taught to play before they can even walk so last week we got to go to the Real Madrid Stadium which was actually super awesome and made me want to actually follow soccer when I come home! One of the Elders looks like one of the Real Madrid players so he went in a Real Madrid jersery and actually convinced 4 or 5 tourists to the point that they wanted to take pictures with him. So this week me and my companion set a goal to only talk in spanish and it worked out great for about one day but hey that´s something! So one of the many beautiful things about spain is the chocolate it is actually wonderful and I don´t think American chocolate will ever be the same. So nothing to crazy happened this week other the usual studying and what not but this week I´ve really felt like im progressing! I´ve probably said this before but I love everyone here! They are amazing and I feel like I´m basically on top of the world everyday no matter what because I´m in Spain! Sorry these are always a bit short but they should get better once i´m out of the Mtc which is in a couple of weeks!!!! I love all of you so much!
Hermana Evelo
Gaby and her Comp contacting in the park


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