Thursday, November 27, 2014

Are you from Florida?

Happy Turkey Day!

Man this week has flown by! So, in honor of today I will list a couple of things that I´m thankful for. Numero uno I´m thankful for this amazing gospel. It has blessed me like crazy and I would´t be even close to the person I am today. Numero dos my amazing family and numero tress shout out to my amazing friends! Before this story disclaimer to my mom, don´t worry it turns out ok! So once upon a time I got to go to the Prado! The Prado is an amazing art gallery that holds amazing art from people such as Goya, Vasquez, Rueben, Rembrandt and Carvaggio. It was huge and I probably could have stayed there for a couple of days they were all so breathetaking. I might have been a tiny bit disappointed becauseI could see one of my favorrite pieces because of renovations so i´ll definetly have to go back one day! So, after this we went down a couple of streets looking at shops when I realized I didn´t have my wallet naturally I began to freak out a little bit (a lot bit) I didn´t know what to do because it held a lot of important things. After a few minutes a man taps me on the shoulder and asks me if I´m from Florida. Turns out he was a police officer that had been looking for me up and down the streets for about an hour because someone had found my wallet and given it to him! What a miracle that out of all the people around us in Madrid he managed to find me! So if your my mother breathe in breathe out it´s ok! In other intresting news we got to have American pizza on tuesday because the Ukranines left which is a huge treat here! On wednesday our district had a 20 minute long battle with a bee and to really show how crazy our district is this week Elder Blasi bought a sword and before bed Elder Rodriguez spends his time lassoing people as they pass by because he brought a lasso from home and one day all the guys jumped out of the class rroom and scared us to death so mayve the real moral of this story is that the guys in our district are crrazy! Awesome side note there are christmas decorations everywhere that make me super happy! Hope everyone has an amazing week!
Love Hermana Evelo


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