Monday, March 7, 2016

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman

So this week was consejo. So we drove down to Malaga with the same group. It was a good consejo we talked a lot about developing Christ like attributes. The spirit was so strong as we listened to several missionaries as told stories of people they knew that exhibited certain qualities. I was really struck by Elder Quispe telling us a story about the great charity that his brother has for everyone around him. At consejo President Andersen told Hermana Anderson and I about some crazy changes coming to our area. I'm being transferred! So, he said that they are changing the SHE area and Hermana Anderson will be staying in our area and training and I will be transferred to a far away land called Barrio 2. So I'm going to the other ward in Alicante with Hermana Swenson and that will be the new SHE area.  On the way back we saw snow in Granada!

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