Monday, April 4, 2016

Hermana Swenson is a Brownie Pro

And here we are again heading down to Malaga on a nice 7 hour bus
ride. This week passed by so quickly. I feel like I say that fairly
often but this week it went by even faster. You might ask  how  that
is possible and to be honest I have no clue. We started out the week
meeting with various people such as our friend Tom who we found while
offering to hold the door for him as he carried a heavy box, the
family of our friend Elena who came with us to the relief society
breakfast last week and our dear dear Lina who broke the news to us
that she was going to be starting a job interna, which means she works
almost everyday from about 8 to 9 but she wants to ask her boss if we
can come by while she works and then our friend Ness who is the friend
of a member from our ward. We had a lesson with her about the
restoration last night and as we finished the lesson she asked if she
could offer the prayer and told us that she wants to come to church
this next week so she can see for herself if this message is true.
All of these people are so sweet and I'm so grateful that they have
opened their homes and hearts to us. I know that not every single one
of them will end up choosing to enter into the waters of baptism but
I'm so grateful I've had the chance to share with them at least a
small part of the message of the gospel. On Friday afternoon and
Saturday morning we had intercambios with the Elche Hermanas. We asked
them before if there was anything we could do for them before and they
answered with brownies. So we kicked off the intercambios with some
brownie making because Hermana Swenson is a brownie pro. You haven't
had a real brownie until you've had Hermana Swenson's brownie's. I
loved the time that I got to spend with these Hermanas to hear their
points of view and see how much they've changed since the last time
they came. Then Saturday afternoon was GENERAL CONFERENCE! I loved
every moment! On Sunday a member from our ward offered to feed
everyone in our district between sessions. The ward takes such good
care of us. Then later the elders made crepes for all! We ended up
watching most of the sessions in Spanish, it was so interesting to
remember the first time I tried watching in Spanish and could only
catch half of what the speakers were saying. I have to say that after
this general conference I have really felt the push to serve and the
desire to really reach out and share the blessings I have with others
so that one day the Lord can say " she hath wrought a good work". Find
ways to serve in your community or even in your family this week!
I love this good news that I can share with others that my savior
lives and through his sacrifice we can became better people everyday.

Hermana Evelo

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