Monday, April 20, 2015

Coming at you from Málaga!

Hey everyone! Coming at you from Málaga!

That´s right I´ve left my beloved Cádiz to be here with the amazing Hermana Merrill. She is from Alpine Utah, is the best and is a little bit younger than me in the mission so we are just two joven missionaries tearing up this area. We live on the outskirts of Málaga which looks more like a pueblo than a big city which means that it is gorgeous. It´s strange to not know every street and almost every person. It´s almost like having to redstart your mission again... minus the part where you can´t communicate with anyone and don´t know the lessons. I love it here and I already love the people here so much. So, to take you through last week. We started out not with P-day but with our last district meeting and then Hermana Smith and I went around to our investigators telling them goodbye which was super hard. Then we had Pday on Tuesday which was pretty strange but we wanted to change it to see a couple of museums around Cádiz that weren´t open on Monday. They showed some of the under ground ruins of Cádiz that had recently been discovered and then went and ate our last kebob as a district. Tuesday night same a Monday night saying goodbye to everyone and discovering that I didn´t have enough time to see everyone! I then tried to pack everything back into my suitcase and discovered that I had collected a lot of stuff over these past 5 months but no pasa nada it worked out after a lot of jumping up and down on them. Woke up Wednesday morning and Hermana Smith and I caught a train to Jerez and then I to leave the wonderful Hermana Smith and jump on another train to Dos Hermanas with Hermana Morrow and we almost were left in Dos Hermanas while trying to load all our luggage on the train headed to Málaga but we barely made right as the doors where closing. Then in Málaga I met Hermana Merrill and we headed out to our area. We lugged my stuff up 4 flights of stairs ate really quick and headed to work. Our first lesson was with a Mom and daughter and the lesson was going so well and the spirit was so strong until I started to cough and cough and cough I could not stop and boom spirit gone and the rest of our time there was her giving me a bag of lemons and 4 or 5 different medicines that she said I needed to take to get rid of my cough. Then we headed to the cutest family in the whole world. They have 6 kids so things are always pretty crazy around there but I love it. David(one of the kids) was so proud of the song that he learned on the trombone and played that he played it for us 5 times. The highlight of Thursday was when we headed out to contact a reference of the Elders we got there and she welcomed us in and said that us used to rent out one of her rooms o missionaries and that she love to listen to them so we taught her and had an amazing lesson with her and then she insisted that we eat with her and her family. She is from Columbia and so the food was amazing and she said to come back the next week and teach her whole family. Milagro? I think so! That night Hermana Merrill and I discovered a tub of ice-cream in our fridge and we basically attacked it but it´s ok because the one thing that is different about this area is all of the hills and I was definitely feeling the burn this week. I am just so grateful to be out here. I love love love being a missionary and serving these people whether is be in Cádiz or now here in Málaga. I am just so blessed and thankful for all the miracles that I get to see every day. I hope that you all have a great week.

Love Hermana Evelo 

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