Tuesday, April 14, 2015

First Transfer

This week has been crazy! Started out last week going to Gibraltar again and it was just as beautiful as last time though this time the monkeys decided to jump on us as we climbed up the stairs and stole one of the Elder´s hat and even tried to eat Hermana Smith ponytail. Then I had the exciting experience of getting sick this week so we had to stay in piso this week for a couple of days as I tried to keep from coughing my lungs out. Then Saturday came around and Hermana Smith and I impatiently waited for the phone call that would tell us where I was going and who would be coming to replace me in Cádiz. It turns out that I´m going to Hermana Smith´s old area in Málaga with her old companion. I´m super excited but pretty sad at the same time. It´s hard to leave when you have investigadores that are progressing and that you care for and you won´t be there to see what happens, The mission is hard but it´s so very worth it! Thank you everyone for your constant love and support.

Love Hermana Evelo

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