Monday, May 18, 2015

I love being a missionary!

Hey Everyone!
Well these past couple of weeks have been crazy! First we had a misión wide meeting which was awesome because I got to see everyone that I know in the misión! So we took a three hour bus ride to Sevilla and all managed to cram into the Capilla there. Then Hermana Merrill and I went on intercambios so I went to another part of Malaga for Hermana Giler for the day and worked in her área! Hmmm I'm sorry but I have been terrible with writing down things that have been going on so I can't remember too much that has been going on! In other news I received a call from president that I´m going to be training! Which is crazy because I feel like I just got into the misión and now I have to train someone else how to be a missionary! I love being a missionary! I love it so much and I'm so excited to show someone else how to love the people here and the work! I love that I have the chance to grow and learn! I feel like everyday I'm reaching the potential that Heavenly Father has set out for me! Thank you for all your support and I love you all so much!
I'm sorry this blog wasn't that good. I'm going to be better next week but really we just knocked doors a ton. It´s been pretty hard because we are working so hard but investigators are scarce. But it´s ok. I'm going to keep working! I meet my hija next week and tomorrow I go to the misión home for trainers training! have a great week! 
Hermana Evelo
A little blurry but Gaby with all of her companions.

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