Monday, September 7, 2015

Starting To Get a Little Bit Chilly

So this week nothing too crazy except traveling to Malaga for a zone meeting which takes about two week days because we left Thursday night and came back Friday night and worked for about an hour. I got to see Hermana Viglione which was awesome. I gave her a giant hug! I miss her a lot! I also got my hair cut Monday. I actually wanted to cut more but the member who cut it said I was loca to want to cut off that much but it was still a good bit. It's starting to get a little bit chilly which is exciting. This week was a little bit rough because we lost a lot of work time but this week should be travel free so it should be pretty good! Anywho that's about it! Have a great week you guys!

When you are backed up to the wall that will make you test your faith
May I suggest that you will  find yourself completely safe
The Angels all about you are armed with unmatched power
And how our Father wants to send them oh this very hour 
You have stumbled and you have fallen many times before 
But who was there to pick you up from the unforgiving floor?
 His hand out stretched and smile unfeigned has reached out tenderly 
And each time the quiet whisper of "I'm here to set you free"

So when I feel that my faith just may start to waver
I quickly look up and plead to Him for this heavenly favor
The darkness runs unhappily against the overwhelming light 
That always rushes to my aid in this continuous fight 
For I am on the Lord's side so why should I ever fear?
Our Lord our God our savior will forever be near

Love you all so much! 
Hermana Evelo

Hermana Gale and Hermana Evelo


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