Monday, January 12, 2015

Blood Sausage

Hola everyone in the U.S.A!
So, this last P-day we got to go paintballing!! I know pretty awesome! It was great and slightly painful but worth it for sure! I had Elder Jack on my team who is kind of a pro paintballer so we won basically everytime while he took out everyone and the rest of us would manage to shoot maybe one person with our combined efforts! The lady who owned the place said that we could play for free on our birthdays too bad my birthday wont be for another year! So, we managed to get home right on time and try to teach people during three kings day but it worked out because we went to see one of the less actives in the Ward. We knocked on her door and her husband answered the door and said that she was out shopping and he did'nt think she would  be back for a while but as we turned around to go the elevator opened and there she was! She was pretty happy to see us and had a great lesson with her. This week Hermana Ashby and I finally invested in a small heater because our land lord told us we couldnt use our normal heater because it was driipping wáter on our neighbors clothes below... because people dry there clothes outside. So we figured that our tiny heater wouldnt bother anyone and we wouldnt have to freeze in our piso. Wednesday we went to our weekly lunch with one of the members and I had the pleasure of trying Morcilla. Morcilla is also know as blood sausage which is a sausage made of pig blood mmmmm tasty! I´ve definetly been blessed to find that everything I try tastes pretty good even though the thought that I ate a sausage made out of blood does sound a little sketchy! Other cool things from this week my companion hit her one year mark! whooh! In honor of this we decided to go get a large pizza from the best pizza place in the world! This past Sunday the Elders brought investigators that didnt speak spanish and so we all took turns translating since Elder Richardson and I had to give a talk. Man translating is exhausting! I only did it for a couple of minutes when Hermana Ashby was getting super tired and it really requires you to use everything. This week has been great! As always Hermana Ashby and I are trying our best to teach the people of Spain and I´m loving every momento of it. I love that I´m here and that I have this amazing opportunity to grow and help with the obra misional!
I love all of you and miss you all! Have an amazing week!
Hermana Evelo
Gaby's team came in first place in Paint Ball

A beautiful sunset in Spain

Gaby, Hermana Ashby, and a couple of the Young Women

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