Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year

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 Happy New Year everyone!!! This is my first email of 2015 and it´s crazy to think that i´ve already been out here for two months! This whole year is going to be fantastic and just filled with miracles for me and hopefully for all of you back home! So, Hermana Ashby and I started that year off right by going to a members house to tomar los uvas(eat the grapes). Here in Spain it´s tradition that for each of the last 12 seconds of the new year you eat a grape so that you´ll have a good year and if you mess up well... sorry better luck next year but don´t worry we ate them like pros. Speaking of being a pro i´ve finally got the hang of tearing off the heads of gambas(huge shrimp) because the eat them here a ton for the holidays and if you dont do it right you have to scoop out the brain part whooh! This week we had the pleasure of our fuse blowing in our piso(apartment) and apparently it blew right as we left because when we came back we about died when we opened our fridge. Talk about the smell of death it was terrible because we had left overs that members had given us sitting in there! I realized that I have really talked about the ward here in Cadiz! Here in Cádiz there is one ward of about 100 people and they are all great! We go over to members houses about twice a week and they are constantly giving gifts and candy and just being so sweet and helpful. I am very grateful that no one has made fun of my spanish yet though after my talk that I have to give in church on Sunday that might change. Everyone is just really encouraging and at least pretends to know what i´m saying to them but I  feel like my spanish if definetly improving. This week in general has been really great Hermana Ashby and I have been loving the warm weather because evryone on the street has been pretty receptive this week and don´t look as frightened when we smile at them! 

I hope that everyone is doing great! I love and miss all of you! 
Hermana Evelo
Gaby and Hermana Ashby eating grapes

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