Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas/ New Years/ Three Kings day!!!

Merry Christmas/ New Years/ Three Kings day!!! The Three kings or Tres Magos are a big deal here! Half the people wait for Santa Claus and the other half wait until the beginning of Janurary for the Three Kings to give them gifts!
    So, this week was crazy! It started out with me going to Málaga to do residency so I could be legal here in Spain. We missed our first train because we some how only had tickets to come back to Cádiz and not to go to Málaga and so we hung out waiting for the next train and I rode down on a train to seville and then switched onto to one for Málaga. Needless to say Spain has cured my fear of public transportation because we use it 5 to 6 times a week and my fear of asking people for directions so I don´t end up riding on the wrong train in the wrong direction. I made it back to Cádiz Tuesday night and we just contacted people like crazy with Christmas cards! Wedsneday morning nothing too crazy except we went over to a members house for christmas eve dinner which is a big deal here! I don´t know half of what I ate but that´s ok because it was great! Christmas morning we work up opened our presents around our 1 foot tall christmas tree complete with two tiny nativity scenes and set out to San Fernando for Christmas breakfast which consisted of crepes and ziploc omelletes! Then we took a boat across the bay back to Cádiz and on the way there we saw a dolphin which was cool but it way great to see everyone elses reaction because almost no one had every seen one before. The rest of the week has been a bit tough because not many people want to meet during this time because they are with their families which is great but I´m not worried because I know that Hermana Ashby and I are going to attack this week and it´s going to be awesome!
   Intresting things about Spain side notes:
1. Washers are in the Kitchen
2. When you leave an elevator you always say adios
3. Chino stores are on almost every street. Chino stores are like Dollar stores owned by Chinese people.
4. For Christmas they have special sweets called Polveron which is an intresting chalky cookie.
5. No one has christmas lights because they all live in pisos(apartments) so the government puts up light to decorate the road.

That´s all for this week!
I miss and love you all!

Hermana Evelo
Gaby and her companion on a boat back to Cadiz

Just walking around Cadiz

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