Monday, December 15, 2014

The Last Two Weeks

Hola Hola!!! So thank you everyone for your birthday wishes! I had an amazing birthday complete with an amazing Piñata made by one of the elders, tons of chocolate, being sung happy birthday at least 6 times and tons of cards. Sorry if all of this mixed up but transitioning between everything is not my forte. So, in addition to my birthday on Friday the day before was probably one of the best Thanksgivings I´ve ever had! We got to watch Meet the Mormons, stuff ourselves with tons of food and to end the day had an amazing devotional from Elder Bednar that was broadcasted to us live. Now that was cool in itself but to make it even better we were allowed to email him questions during the broadcast and he would answer them what?! Last Saturday we got to go to the park like always which was great except that it was raining and we were allowed to stay in the metro but me and my temporary companion Soeur Nalasco decided to go to the park anyways and it was great because I actually understood everything that people said to me and I was able to say everything that I wanted to in Spanish! Side note the squirrels here are weird... they´re black with red tails and huge ears and don´t mind coming right up to you. On Sunday our District sang oh, Holy Night and one of the Hermana´s here is a cello performance major and played a Poor Way Fairing Man of Grief. It was so beautiful! Nothing brings such peace as music!

Hello Everyone! 

As most of you... well maybe some of you know this has been my first week out of the MTC(missionary training center). On Tuesday I jumped on a train to Malaga where I met my new companion Hermana Ashby, who is amazing and will be my trainer for my first 12 weeks here, and then we jumped on a train to Cádiz where I will be staying for probably the next 18 weeks! So, a little bit about Cádiz is that is beautiful, it´s a little peninsula and I can see the ocean when I look out my window! Here are some differences first off no one here has a dryer! Everyone has clothes lines outside of their window and just hang everything out to dry which I think works out except when you live on the 12th floor because here in Spain everyone builds up so the average building has at least 10 floors and then what do you do when your clothes falls? Numero dos the elevators here are all tiny and say they can hold four people but even with just me and my companion it´s pretty snug and there is almost always a really nice jolt before the door opens. Numero tres bakeries and sweet shops are on almost every street and man bread is just such a beautiful thing it´s hard to resist popping in and buying everything! 

Here are some things I´ve already learned in the mission is that when you are over at someone´s house to eat and you don´t know what you are eating it´s probably best that you don´t ask what you are eating... and number two when in doubt nod your head and smile. I´m so glad that my companion knows Spanish because our investigators could be telling us they robbed a bank and I would just be smiling and nodding my head.

In conclusion I love the work I'm doing here in Spain! Even though I've only been here a week I already love the people here so much and am so excited to share the best message in the world with them. Sorry for my spelling and grammar I think that as I learn Spanish I lose my English! I hope that everyone is doing great and if any of you need anything send me an email and even though I´m in Spain I´ll see what I can do! Have a great week! I miss you all!

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