Monday, December 8, 2014

Leaving the MTC

Hey, so it turns out that I only have ten minutes to email..... awkward! so no long email until next monday :( Also this past 4 days has been a holiday here so im probably not going to get any of your stuff for another two weeks because they are going to get here tomorrow and then have to forward it to malaga mission home and then to me! im super sad! :( So, we leave at like 5 in the morning tomorrow and get on a train at like 7ish and then will be on the train for like 2 hours! No I wont be calling you because it´s just a couple of hours away and im still in the same country but I get to skype you guys in two weeks!!!!! But be prepared that it´s only for like 40 minutes! I miss you guys mucho! Also I would buy scriptures because they only give paper backs.  My camera is great! I love you guys! talk to you next monday!

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