Monday, January 26, 2015

3 Months Already!

Three months! That´s right I have been out for three months! Time really does just fly by and it´s great and terrifying! I love being a missionary during good times and the rough times! I have two weeks of information so get ready! Last week we were visted by the Guffeys! The Guffeys are a couple that are serving mission on the military base in Rota and decided to treat us to lunch because they were in our area! We went to eat some pizza and talk about normal Anerican things in english! What a treat! Also transfers where last week and..... Im staying in Cadiz with Hermana Ashby! Thank goodness because I still think that I would be completely lost trying to navigate the streets of Spain with out here and she´s just a great companion in general so it´s a win win! We did have some changes though because we were the only companionship that stayed the same in our zone! One of the Elders in our district went home which was really sad because you realize oh no time is passing by so quickly and even though you miss home you also know that youre going to miss Spain! More exciting news we set two baptismal fechas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man the Lord really blessed to find two super prepared people! We found Maria street contacting about a month ago  and she told us that she was intrested but didnt have time so we took her number and decided to try her in the future. Fast forward a couple of weeks we call and her husband answers the phone and says that his wife wouldnt talk to Mormons and he goes to talk to her we wait holding our breathe thinking that we had gotten her in trouble but he comes back and says that actually he was interested too and that we could come by whenever. We went over the next week and man they were great they were really information hungry and we had to say woah slow down we cant tell you evrything in one lesson!  It makes you realize that the mission is a time for you to grow and if your doing everything that you´re are supposed to that he WILL bless you. I can´t say it enough but the mission is one of the greatest decisions ive ever made and I love seeing the difference the gospel makes in peoples lives! Next exciting event, I got to go to Gilbrator last week! It was amazing! Gilbraltor is a British territory where you can see Africa, listen to British accents and see monkeys! I don´t know about you but I think that´s pretty cool! Last but not least I got to see my friend Leni Sinke who is studying in Sevilla! It was great to see a familar face and catch up on what´s going on back home!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Hermana Evelo
Cold and Wet

Another Picture with Leni Sinke

Harry Potter or Doctor Who
Hermana Evelo and Hermana Ashby

Trying to convert a Gibraltar native

Evelo and Ashby selfie


Gibraltar is a British Colony



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