Monday, February 2, 2015


Hello and welcome to what was a very crazy week.

This week started out with a nice chill P-day where we all hung out in the capilla and played ping pong! Everyone here... well all the missionaries here are obsessed with ping pong. By the end of the day Hermana Ashby was not feeling very well so we stopped by a pharmacy and bought a thermometer and found out that she had a whopping temperature of 102! So, we stayed in piso so she could rest and then the next day like a champ Hermana Ashby and I headed back to work! Then on Wednesday we Diamonte! Diamonte is something that our mission did a while a go and decided to bring back! It´s where we spend all day contacting in the street That´s right all day! It was great and exhausting! We talked to some many people and had some awesome conversations with people! One of the elders said that he did the math and that we walked about 27 miles that day! Then Thursday and Friday I headed to Malaga to finish paper work and I am now an official resident of Spain! It was great because we got to send the night in the mission home which is an actually house which is super rare in Spain! So all in all a crazy week in my eyes but maybe not so great for everyone back home! I hope that everyone is doing great and has a fantastic week!

Love Hermana Evelo


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