Monday, February 9, 2015

Another Great Couple

Dearest Family and friends,
Last week Hermana Ashby and I decided to test out our bravery and try to get our hair cut at one of the many peluquerias that line the streets of Spain. In the best spainish I could muster I explained what I wanted and she confirmed what I said "dos dedos" Two fingers width worth of hair and I watched her as she cut of about 5 or 6 inches worth so goodbye hair! But it´s ok I have a while to grow it out! After that experince we went exploring around Cadiz and found a nice garden which contained the most green that I had seen in a really long time! I almost felt like I was back in Florida! This week was a bit slow in terms of citas but we did find a another great couple that are super intrested and we plan to visit again this week! The mission really is never steady sometimes you´ll have 20 citas a week and sometimes you´ll have 10 but the important thing is to know that as long as you´re working as hard as you can things are going to work out and you can´t help but loving every second of it! I´m also going to take a second and talk about how amazing the members of Cádiz are! They are always so willing to come to lessons and feed us and just are so kind. I´ve had so much cola coa(stuff simialr to nestle quick) here it´s ridiculous!  I hope that everyone is doing well! I miss you all!

Hermana Evelo

A Park

Windy day in the park

A plate of shellfish

My futbol injury

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