Monday, July 13, 2015

PB & J

Heat heat and more heat! I´m trying to get used to the fact that I am constantly sweating because air-conditioning is not a very common thing here. On the plus side I am now super tan well I don't know if that´s really a plus but hey it is what it is. So, This was our full week with our new area and it was great but let me start from the beginning. On Monday we had our last Pday together with our district so we celebrated by going to taco bell yeah I know we´re super fancy. Then we rushed home jumped on a bus to the Palo which is our new pueblo. We got there and we were thrown off guard by how huge it was. The Palo alone is probably twice as big as our area. The problem is that it takes us an hour to get there and we have to take two different buses so we can only go about once a week or we´ll run out of money. Tuesday, we had district meeting and the Elders gave us a lot of food because they had to clean out everything from their piso, one of those food items being peanut butter! So, I have been making some killer PB and J sandwiches! So some awesome miracles of this week! To start off once upon a time Hermana Viglione and I were walking up what seemed to be a never ending hill  because we wanted to knock on some doors and we knocked and knocked and do you know what happened? Nothing! So we tried some more until a lady opened the door and said that she was catholic and didn't have time but we ended up talking for a while until her daughter came up to the door and when she saw us she told us that she actually had a Book of Mormon. By this point we had been sweating on her doorstep for a while so they let us come in and man did they have a ton of questions. We´ve had the chance to teach them and her sister three times this week! They are so sweet and amazing! I love when I meet people that are just filled with questions because it means that they want to know what God really has in store for them. We´ve also had the chance to start teaching a guy that owns a locotorio (Internet Café)  and he speaks English! But to be honest teaching in English is crazy and I had a hard time not slipping back into Spanish. What else? Well, yesterday we were on our way to visit a Menos activo that had failed us a lot or when he was there we couldn't go in because we needed another girl because he was alone(rule of the mission for safety reasons) So, we called a member and miracle number one is that she was able to come with us and so we were praying so hard that the lesson wouldn't fall through because she was with us. So, we went to his piso and hit the timbre and nothing.... hit it again waited a good 5 minutes and still nothing! We were pretty disappointed and were started to head back down when the phone rang and it was him! What? He told us that he had just woken up and that if we gave him 10 minutes we could come up. So we went up and had a great lesson with him and he said that he wants to start trying to read the Book of Mormon more and praying. Man I wish that I could fully describe how great it is to be a missionary. I love that I have this time to really study the gospel and address the concerns that people have had their whole lives. I am so blessed to have been raised in such a great family and surrounded by amazing friends. Thank you all so much!

Hermana Evelo


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