Monday, July 20, 2015


Hey! So this week started out great with a surprise birthday party for one of the elders in our district. It was great except that I discovered that here in Spain normal cake doesn't really exist it's usually made out of some kind of mousse or cream but let's be real I'm always happy to eat anything sweet. On Tuesday we decided to try one of our menos activo friends that we hadn't been able to see in a while so we went out and pressed her timbre and nothing. We waited for a little bit and hit it again because I remember her telling us that sometimes you have to hit it twice or she would just think that it was someone trying to sell something. This time she let us in and we went up to her floor jut the door bell and nothing! We were a bit stumped because why would she let us come up if she didn't want to let us in? we waited a couple minutes and went to the elevator, the doors opened and there she was. We talked to her and she said that she had been visiting her sister of on another floor and she hadn't buzzed us in. She let in and we had a great lesson with her about forgiveness. Some people call that chance but I don't. I think it shows that Heavenly Father is going to make sure that He gives His children as many opportunities as possible to come unto Him. That day we also received a call that Hermana Viglione was going to go in to do residency and if Hermana Anderson could spend the night with us so they could together the next day. So we went to the train station and found her and an elder chatting it up with this guy. He told us that he wanted to know more about the church because he only knew things from what he had seen on TV. We all had an awesome conversation with him and gave him a Book of Mormon that he said he would read on his layover and train ride. I wish that everyone would just have the desire to know more! We made home and the next morning I went with Hermana Giler and Hermana Vederjo while Hermana Viglione  and Anderson went to Fuengirola to do their residency. We had the chance to be part of a cosecha, which is basically where a bunch of missionaries go to one area and contact as many people as the can. It was great but also intimidating because Hermana Giler and Verdejo are both native and would just fly with their Spanish when talking to people. We were all sweating and dying when we made it back to the church building took a small break and then headed to the train station to get Hermana Viglione. That evening Hermana Viglione and I did something magical, we bought abanicos(fans). They are fantastic and we feel more Spanish because walking down the street the past few days all you could  see were Spanish lady's fanning themselves with their fancy fans. We also had the chance to have an adventure of try to find the house of a member who invites us over to eat and lives out in a pueblo. Let's just say after 4 hours and  taking the bus 5 different times we finally made it back home. Before you judge the member said that we actually had the least amount of trouble finding everything then most of the missionaries they invite over... Man my public transportation skills are getting stronger everyday! This week was also the week that we had been planning to have an activity to show Meet the Mormons in the capilla. It actually went super well, the spirit was so strong and we had a pretty good turn out even though we were a bit disappointed because our investigators didn't come through! I know that these emails are always a bit jumbled and in reality to try to fit everything that happens in one week into one email would be crazy but I know that I have the chance to see miracles every week and that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us. I'm so blessed to be out here and I know that I will continue to see His hand in my life and the lives of others.

Hermana Evelo
Cookies from our investigator who works in a panaderia

As close to the beach as we can get when we went to have lunch with some members

Our crazy district with our ward mission leader and his wife

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