Monday, August 3, 2015

Running From Lesson to Lesson

This week was super busy but lets be honest I would definitely prefer that then not have any work! We have been super blessed to find people in so many different ways! An example of this was this week we were sitting on a bench making a couple of calls because some of our plans fell through. This teenage mom walks by pushing her toddler on his bike, he waved at us and pointing at the bike says ¨"bici bici" We laughed and thought nothing of it until they walked past us three or four times we finally decide to contact them. We talked to her and she said that even though she didn't believe in God she wanted to know for sure if He was there or not. We quickly wrote down her information and set a day to come back. The lesson that I learned from this is that sometimes God has to get someone's (my) attention by making them pass by me three or four times and that maybe I need to pay a bit more attention. This week we where literally running from lesson to lesson all while having miracles in the process. There are just so many people ready to hear the gospel! I just hope that I can find everyone that´s waiting for me and that I don´t let opportunities pass me by! On the complaining side it reached 43 grados(109) this week.  Please winter just come faster!  I love you all so much!

Hermana Evelo
I am turning blonde!

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