Monday, August 17, 2015

Flying From House to House

Change is in the air! It's finally starting to cool down a little bit which means the end of the hottest summer that Spain has had in 40 years is finally come to an end. This week was fantastic! Hermana Viglione and I where flying from house to house and talking to people in between! On Monday we went to the cathedral here in Malaga and did our usual compras and writing. Then that night we went and had a lesson with Grace. She is amazing and so prepared and always gives us a big glass of juice after we climb up the giant hill to her house. We read about the plan of salvation and during the lesson she told us about how, since we've been coming over, she has really noticed a difference in here life! And how could she not! It's what we promise everyone if they act then God will bless them! On Tuesday we had district meeting. The highlight of the night was our lesson with our Nigerian friend Emmet, he speaks English and most of the time we feel that he is already a member. He owns a locatorio so most of the time we teach him there. So we were teaching him about the word of wisdom when all of a sudden a member of our ward who is also a friend of Emmet's walked in. He sat down and testified of the word of wisdom. The spirit was so strong! We asked him to be baptized and he accepted! Another fun adventure for the week is that we got to check out the hospital here In Spain because Hermana Viglione had a doctor appointment because she's been sick a lot. I was glad that a member took us that spoke English and Spanish because it's hard enough to understand doctors in English. This week we were also to set a baptismal date with our friend Joseph who sells internet on the side of the road and to find two new investigators. One of them is ,John, a guy that we met in Emmet's locatorio and the other is Joe a guy that we saw sitting on the bench. Joe was a lesson to me because he was someone that I probably wouldn't have normally contacted because he was sitting on a bench with a bottle of beer in his hand but we contacted him and he was super sweet and genuinely interested and should us pictures of his 4 daughters and a granddaughter on the way. These people that we meet all have families and are sons and daughters of God! They are all important and should all have a chance to here the gospel! In other news transfers have come and I have to leave....I wish that I could stay here longer with Hermana Viglione and see everyone's baptisms but I guess I have people waiting for me in Valdepeñas. Yep, I'm heading to Valdepeñas a small town up north and even though I'll miss everyone here in Malaga I'm ready to see what's waiting for me up north. I know that this church is true and it can bring people so much happiness. It's amazing to think that I'm a part of this work!

Hermana Evelo
Yum French Toast


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