Monday, August 24, 2015

A Branch of About Twenty

Another week has come and gone here in Spain! This past week I had to say goodbye to all of my investigators and to my wonderful companion but hey that's how the mission works! So Hermana Viglione and I woke up early Wednesday morning so that I could catch the train with Hermana Gale to Cordaba and then to Valdepeñas. We got off the train with all my luggage and began the 30 minute journey of dragging all my stuff to our piso. After we got there I decided that maybe just traveling with the clothes I had on would be a better option. So the pros about my new piso is that it has a toaster and a shower head that is actually mounted on the wall... I know that doesn't sound exciting but it makes a difference! The cons is that we don't have AC but I don't think that should be a problem for too long and that we live about an hour bus ride from any other missionaries. Hermana Gale said that we are definitely a traveling area because we go to Ciudad Real once a week for district meeting and at least 3 times a transfer to Málaga. I actually don't mind traveling so I think it works out pretty perfectly! We have a branch of about twenty people and they are so amazing and have so much faith. So story for this week is that we were walking down the street and contacted this man named James he said that he was from Bolivia and that he had talked to missionaries there and that he would like to talk more so we set up a cita to talk to him more. As Hermana Gale and I testified to him that he could know that our Heavenly Father loves him we could feel the spirit testify of what we said. This week I have learned that we are never alone and that we need to constantly remember our Heavenly Father and our Savior so that we can have the comfort that comes from having the spirit with us always. Thank you everyone for all that you do for me! Have an amazing week!

Hermana Evelo
The Church in Valdepeñas

Hermana Viglione, Hermana Evelo, y Hermana Gale


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