Monday, June 22, 2015

Artist Extraordinaire

Hey! So this week started off a little bit rough because poor Hermana Viglione has been sick on and off her whole time here but really you couldn't tell if you didn't spend 24 hours a day with her because she is always so positive and happy. I'm now a flower expert because apparently all the flowers and plants that grow here are the same in California. This Wednesday we had a meeting with president and Hermana Deere and the other Malaga zone because they're are going to be heading back home next week. I'm going to miss them so much! They are so amazing and are my parents on the mission but I'm also very excited to meet the Anderson's next week. It was probably one of the trunkiest meetings I've ever been to because all the talked about where things we needed to do with our lives when we got back home. Home? Yeah, no, I still have forever till I have to think about going home! This week we also had the pleasure of meeting a guy who hated Americans which was extra awkward because he only thought Hermana Viglione was American. #brownpeopleproblems #notsureifhashtagsstillexist . We also met this amazing lady in this pastry shop who said that she had talked with missionaries in Argentina before she came to Spain and wanted to meet with us. Miracles! Then to end the week with a bit of service since Hermana Viglione is an artist extraordinaire we went and painted the face of the kids of menos activo family. Well, that's my tiny bit for this week! Weeks feel like days and I love every second that I'm out here in the Spain Malaga mission a part of the Lord's work. I hope that everything is going well and I miss all of you!

Hermana Evelo


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