Monday, October 19, 2015

Spark Notes

Spark notes of what happened this week. We started out with district meeting and the week was filled with an abundance of eating citas. The members here are amazing and so loving! We also had a bit of craziness because this week was Stake Conference and interviews with the President so we went to Alicante and stayed there to watch conference. It was of course great and really just pounded into my head that we need to do our part and not just wait for God to do everything. Experience of this week starts on a Tuesday night. It was a Tuesday night like any other Tuesday night when we received a call from the other Hermanas in Elche they told us that they had set an appointment to meet with a man on the street and were headed to his house when they discovered he was in our area so we ran over to the appointment to meet him. He opened the door and we talked in the door way since his wife was not home. We told him that next time we will come when his wife was home but he said that she wouldn't want to talk to us. We were about to read to him Moroni's promise in the Book of Mormon when we heard his wife come into the apartment building. Hermana Jenkins and I started to freak out a little because he said that she would not be happy that we where there. We turn to go down the stairs when the elevator opens and his wife steps out. She then proceeds to give us the biggest smile and invite us in and tells us of how she had been talking to her friend about difficult things that are happening in his life but how happy they were because of there faith and how she had been thinking that she wanted more faith in her life when she saw us. We taught both her and her husband about the Book of Mormon and they both said that they would read and pray to know if it is true. I know that there are people that are prepared to hear the Gospel and I'm so blessed that I have the chance to teach them. I love being here in the mission and everyday I wish that I could stay even longer her in Spain. 

Hermana Evelo
At Stake Conference

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