Monday, October 12, 2015

Trio Time

Trio time! So this week was a little bit different because Hermana Viglione had to go to Malaga for residency and so we had Hermana Brown with us for the week! It was pretty crazy trying to work around the traveling times and working in their area a bit too. Then on Friday we had zone meeting with our huge zone of Alicante. We had to catch an early train back home because its festivals so the train schedule was messed up so us and Hermana Viglione and Brown went and had all you could eat pizza... We each ate an entire pizza... So awesome experience of this week is our investigator Sam. Sam has had a really difficult life and because of that he is very cynical. We decided to show him the Restauracion movie and when it started he began to right down the things he didn't agree with but as the movie went on he wrote less and less and finally but down his pen and paper. When the movie finished he told us how he felt so peaceful and calm. The next day he called us and said that he had watched it again. He is a great guy but just needs to learn that God is their and that he loves him. I know that if we want to know that he we will answer! Have a great week!

Hermana Evelo

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