Monday, October 5, 2015

The Best Part of Course Was General Conference

Hey! I always feel like I repeat myself but this week has been
crazy. Hermana Gale and I woke up early Monday morning and drug all of
our luggage on the bus to ciudad real and then later jumped on a train
to Malaga. We made it there and ran to the capilla but still missed
the trainers training so we walked to the SHE's apartment and spent
the night and woke up the next morning and worked with Hermana Perez.
We all walked back to the capilla later because we thought that I
didn't have to be there till 1 to pick up my trainee but I soon
discovered that I was actually late as I walked in and everyone might
or might not have stared at me because I walked in 30 minutes late... Well
can't fix that. So I then met Hermana Jenkins my new trainee! She's
from Utah and super sweet so no complaints! We then jumped on a train
to Fuengirola because there wasn't enough space for everyone to stay
in the mission home. The next morning we went back to Malaga picked up
all my luggage and then caught our bus to Elche. It was great because
I found out that Hermana Viglione is also going to Elche along with 6
Elders. 8 hours later we made it to Elche and managed to find our piso
and buy food and then we went out to contact until English class. The
rest of the week was basically spent going around trying to find out
who the investigators are, who is who. And then the best part of the
week was of course general conference. I feel so blessed that we have
a living prophet and apostles and I love the opportunity I have to
learn about the gospel everyday. I know that this church is true and
that I'm so blessed to have the chance to teach people about it! Thank
you all so much for being such great examples to me! Stay sweet!

Hermana Evelo

The City of Elche

Hermana Evelo y Hermana Jenkins

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