Monday, March 30, 2015

Heavenly Chocolate Cake

First things first! Gracias a que el vive! Go watch it now! This week we have been preparing to work with people to remind them of the Savior this Easter season. Everything that we have is thanks to Him. If anything, I have really learned and gained a huge testimony of the power of the atonement on my mission. There is nothing that we have suffered, are suffering or will suffer that He does not understand. Just when we think that we can´t take that next step, we just have to realize that He is there ready to help us. How can I try to be less than my full potential when I know that He suffered so that I can have unlimited opportunities to start over and keep going. That in itself is crazy but then you think He did that for every single one of us. Yes, even you! I get this amazing chance to see people here in Spain realize that they can start over and as I watch people here change their lives, I love what I do.

 This week we decided to go and explore the castles a little but even though it was a bit rainy and I discovered the fastest way to know that your shoes have holes on the bottom is by walking around in the rain! Tuesday we had a normal District meeting in San Fernando which is about a 15 minute train ride and after that we went to Mercadona to buy the most heavenly chocolate cake in the world ! I might have to have it shipped to me when I go home! I´m so grateful that we walk a ton because between the deserts here and the members I not be able to fit through our piso door! On Wednesday we went to English class because Hermana Smith and I have started to help the Elders out and man it is super fun to teach. I love it even though I don´t really  know Spanish or English! On the mission you meet a lot of interesting people... from our lesson with a man dancing around the room with incense, to teaching a lawyer, a philosopher and a gym teacher outside a bar. This is the life! I hope that all of you are doing well! Miss you bunches! Till next week!

Mucho Love Hermana Evelo

Zone Conference
Gaby is in the middle just left of the microphone

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