Monday, March 2, 2015


And it´s the beginning of yet another week! Man this has been crazy filled with waffles, burning elevators and milagros! To start it off we woke up Tuesday morning and headed out like usual and were met with the nastiest smell I've ever encountered and then noticed that the elevator wasn´t working and was looking a bit scorched. We later found out that some had set the elevator on fire... that´s right set it on fire. Hermana Ashby and I apparently slept through all the noise of the firefighters trying to put it out the night before. What I got of that story is that missionaries are super deep sleepers! Other exciting events we had a waffle party this week! One of the Elders in one district is finishing his mission in a couple of days so in honor of that we had a full on American breakfast with sausage and waffles and eggs! It was so good and I even though we new we had an eating cita a few hours later we couldn´t help but eat as much as possible because who knows when we´ll have real waffles again! This week we also had the chance to go to the baptism of one of the Elders investigators! It was great and I´m so happy for her and the elders! Also this wednesday I get a new comp Hermana Smith! I´m so excited to meet her and I´ve heard so many great things about her! Hermana Ashby is heading out this wednesday to Sevilla and I´ll miss her a ton beacause she really has shown me how to love the people of Spain and really ease me into missionary life but mission life goes on! Being here in Spain really has been such a blessing and I´m so excited to continue on and work here in cádiz and just do the best I can to share with people this amazing message!
I love you all so much and hope that everything is going well!
Hermana Evelo

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