Monday, March 23, 2015

Unreasonable Hour

 Hey everyone!
So, this week was pretty crazy filled with lots of rain and traveling! We started out our week going to Jeréz to play some futbol with the rest of the people in our are zone which was super fun and I had a blast but not so much the next morning when I woke up in the morning and felt how sore I was but it was worth it! This whole transfer we have been slowly building up investigators and have some great lessons with wonderful people but it´s always hard when you see how difficult it is for people to change and you see their struggles. I wish that I could help them with all of their problems! But when someone has heart problems or a drinking problem or can´t find a job there isn´t much that we can do in that area we can lighten their load but we can´t take it all away. Alright to something a bit lighter. This week we had zone conference! I can´t remember if I already explained what it is so I'll explain it again. Zone Conference is a conference is when three zone´s in our area come together and listen to President Deere talk and to other missionaries and you get to see everyone that you haven´t seen in the past three months! That was Wednesday so we woke up at the unreasonable hour of  5 in the morning and then spent most of day in Sevilla and then the rest of the day traveling by train. I think that is one thing that is so great about Spain is that you can just jump on a train and get anywhere you want to go. It´s not too expensive and you get a get view of Spain thrown into the deal! Then on Friday and Saturday we had intercambios with the SHE´s. SHE´s are the Hermanas in our area that are basically in charge of making sure that everything is alright and that we aren´t being too crazy and what not. It wasn´t too bad except that it was pouring all day and I went a little crazy sitting in the train station waiting for Hermana Smith to come back because I´m not used to doing nothing for a solid 40 minutes! Hopefully I can hold onto that when I get home and I don´t go back to my unproductive ways of Netflix binging! Well, that is everything crazy going on in the life of a Hermana in Cádiz! I hope that everyone is doing well! I miss you all so much but I wouldn´t want to be anywhere else right now! 

Love Hermana Evelo
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