Monday, March 9, 2015


 And so another transfer begins! For those of you out there that don´t know a transfer is ever 6 weeks. I now have a new companion Hermana Smith!!! She is fantastic and we are ready to work super hard this next weeks in Cádiz! We started of the transfer right by only speaking in Spanish. Jolin! It´s been tough but I love it because I can already hear myself improving. It´s been an interesting trying to navigate the city myself and talk to all the investigators myself since Hermana Smith doesn´t know anyone yet but she is a beast at street contacting! She has no fear which is something I definetly need to work on. We all know that if you give me this much responsibilty something is bound to go wrong and that something was that we got to have a fun adventure this week when I lost the keys. I left them in the Capilla and so we ran there in the middle of the night and ran back and made it home with 3 minutes to spare. Whooh! Something out of the norm this week is that we had a taco party. Well we attemped to have a taco party! I don´t why everyone thinks I know how to make good tacos... ok well I do know why but they weren´t half bad and we discovered that if you think you bought enough food you probably didn´t. Other than that nothing too crazy. We are working super hard and trying our best to help the people of Cádiz. I hope that everyone has a great week! Miss you all!

Hermana Evelo

My new companion Hermana Smith

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